Hero is an affordable fully supported and hosted online back-office recruitment management tool that offers a significant advantages to your recruitment or labour hire business, ensuring the smooth running of your daily business practices which, contributes to a successful and profitable business in today's competitive market.

Hero is designed to give your business an inexpensive leap into the world of recruitment back-office software using the latest technology and best practices, through a totally secure end-to-end workflow solution, with tools and functionality to assist with success of your business, which offers

  1. Unlimited scalability,
  2. Comprehensive reporting tools
  3. Online electronic timesheet function
  4. Ability to manage Candidates, contractors & employees
  5. Invoicing and ability to integrate to MYOB
  6. Fully automated notification alerts
  7. Ability to re-skin / rebrand the service to match your corporate leverage.
  8. Most importantly continuous updates, enhancements & features at no additional cost
  9. Specialised customisation is available at an additional cost.
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